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Let’s bloom together:

Personal garden – La Crosse, WI – 2017


Mae Flower Blogging is based in Colorado, USA, written by Julia Mae. Started in January 2021, Julia writes about finding the strength to grow in your own self- planted garden. Creating an inclusive lifestyle community centered around pulling out toxic weeds, celebrating your wins inch by inch, and recognizing we all grow uniquely.

All photos taken were photographed by myself.

If you’re interested in columns about:

– House plant progress

-Promoting self confidence

-Life in Colorado

-Astrology talk

– Overcoming fear of failure

-Post therapy reflections

-Nature photography

-Goodwill clothing hauls

-Etsy finds and shops you need to know about

You’ve come to the right place

Nick’s Garden Center Aurora, CO – 2018

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

Audrey Hepburn